Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle

About Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle

Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle is one of the best spin bikes available in the low-cost, basic class and category. It is a durable, convenient spin bike at an affordable price. According to various spin bike reviews, the Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle is definitely a winner and is one of the best spin bikes in terms of affordability.

Due to increasing work demands in the fast-paced twenty-first century, time is a valuable resource. Many professionals lack adequate time to attend expensive gyms. In this regard, a basic home would be the best and most convenient solution.

About the Company

The Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company, founded in 1959, offers innovative, new fitness products that cater to amateur and professional fitness needs worldwide. The founder, Walter Marcyan, started the company based on his bodybuilding and fitness background. His experience is based on past ownership of several gymnasiums in the 50s. He was actually the first person to offer personal trainer services to his gym members. His vision and innovative legacy manifest in high-quality Marcy products.

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Features of Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle

Robust Build and Flexibility

The Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle has an oversize steel tubing frame which helps to keep the spin bike stable and prevent rocking movement. Under the bike’s stabilizer bar, there is a 4-level adjustment knob to enable the rider to level the bike even on uneven floor surfaces.

It is a weighted 40-pound flywheel that ensures a smooth and balanced ride for an overall hassle-free riding experience. The Marcy spin bikes sturdiness allows the rider to focus on their workout session.

The bike is designed to accommodate all body sizes and shapes. The seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally while the handlebars can be adjusted in a vertical fashion. The seats also have 6 adjustment holes and can be adjusted from 36-41 inches.

Drive Type and Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle Resistance

The bike uses a simple chain mechanism to move the heavy flywheel in a similar manner to an ordinary bicycle. This ensures a parallel experience in terms of the noise and feels of the spin bikes’ outdoor counterparts.

The Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle bike has a direct drive train with fixed gearing, thus, when the flywheel rotates, the pedals also turn. This ensures a better workout as there is no coasting and the spin bike is always on the move.

The spin bike has a protective chainguard that protects the riders’ clothes and lower limbs. It also guards against the corrosive effects of sweat on the chain. The guard ensures the chain mechanism is less noisy.

A tension knob at the front of the frame provides resistance applied to the flywheel by a woolen felt pad on top of the flywheel which provides consistent pressure with no slippage.

Comfort and Pedaling

The bike’s 40-pound flywheel provides a balanced and smooth riding motion. Its heavyweight eliminates erratic cycling motions associated with lighter flywheels. The flywheel prevents injuries associated with impact as a result of abrupt changes in pedaling speeds.

The rider is able to lean forward on the bike’s handlebars to operate it. This creates an authentic bike feel. It has easy to grip handlebars courtesy of its rubber coatings which prevent the riders’ sweaty hands from slipping.

The pedals are fitted with toe cages with adjustable straps to fit any shoe size. It has mounted front and rear levelers to confer stability to the spin bike. The effective brake system of the Marcy Trainer is quite easy to reach as it are conveniently located.

Assembly and Storage

The Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle bike comes 85% pre-assembled and all the necessary tools come in one package. The assembly can be achieved in less than one hour as all it entails is bolting on the handlebar poles, handlebars, seat poles, water bottle holder, and pedals.

It has a compact design with a small footprint of 20.5 X 40 inches. It does not occupy much room and can be stored easily. It has two small wheels for convenient relocation.

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Product Specifications

The Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle has an overall weight of 89 pounds with dimensions of 9 X 32 X 41 inches. It has a maximum recommended carrying a weight of 300 pounds and can accommodate riders with heights ranging from 5’2” and 6’1”. It is available in a powder-coated black finish.

Pros of the bike

  1. Balanced heavy flywheel.
  2. Strong seat and handlebars.
  3. Easy to assemble.
  4. Cost-effective price.
  5. Mounted levelers for stability.
  6. Minimal maintenance.
  7. Sturdy build.
  8. Relatively minimal noise.
  9. Basket cage to prevent foot slippage.


  1. Not suitable for riders over 6 feet tall or below 5’3”.
  2. Uncomfortable seat.
  3. No fore-aft adjustability for handlebars.
  4. Small foot pedals.
  5. No onboard console and programmable workout.
  6. No preset levels or resistance markings.
  7. May drop lubricant on floors.

Consumer Reviews and Ratings

The Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle has an overall rating of a modest 4.1 out of 5 stars based on various spin bike reviews.

  1. McCarthy, a former professional cyclist, and satisfied Amazon customer, with loads of exercise experience using top-of-the-line bikes, was definitely impressed by the sturdiness of the bike. She liked its relatively quiet operation and its basic resistance mechanism. She, however, pointed out that it is not exactly suited for tall riders.
  2. Vowell says the spin bike is fantastic and it holds up well to sprints. He lauds praise on its sturdiness and appreciates the spin bike’s practical seat adjustability.

Elvin, a loyal Amazon customer loved the bike but had his reservations about the small pedals which were challenging for his average-sized feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle bike have a belt drive mechanism?

A: No, It uses a single crank, cog, and a simple chain drive. A flywheel-mounted felt pad confers resistance.

Q: Hello, I wonder, can I purchase separate SPD clips for my cycling shoes to fit the pedals of the bike?

A: Certainly, the SPD clips are widely available and can be screwed like conventional clips.

Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle Prices

The Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle has an attractive price. Customers will be able to enjoy a great discount rate and purchase this best spin bike from ships the product free of charge and can gift wrap the spin bike for customers.

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Conclusion/Final Verdict

The Marcy Club Revolution Indoor Cycle is an affordable and practical trainer that has received several great rates based on a variety of spin bike reviews. It is sturdy, reliable, and has a smooth balanced operation. The bike is easy to use and has a practical compact design. Its low cost ensures that it is the best spin bike in the budget category.

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