Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike

About the Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike is one of the most popular and best spin bikes in the spin bike industry. Indoor cycling and spinning classes at gyms and fitness centers have been popular for quite some time now. There is something very exhilarating about being in a room with a bunch of other fitness-crazed individuals that give you more energy and more drive than when alone. On the other hand, sometimes the music selection can make you want to stay home. The bikes used in those classes are usually very high-end, industrial-strength bikes that are made to be used and abused every day, all day. And they do. Expect to shell out about a thousand big ones for one of those spin bikes. If you are not willing to spend that kind of money, but you really want a quality spin bike of your own for home use, pay careful attention to this review.

If you are serious enough to want a bike for indoor workouts, then you should choose a brand and model carefully. There are a lot of poorly constructed indoor bikes on the market. Don’t be fooled by a low price, you know how the old saying goes.


Today the fitness product under review in the category of the best spin bike is the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike (Model: SF-B901). This bike model is one of the lighter models offered by Sunny Health and although it is priced on the higher end of the range of models they offer, that’s probably because it has several outstanding features.

About Sunny Health and Fitness Company

Sunny Health and Fitness is a company that supplies fitness and health equipment, based in Los Angeles, California. They primarily import high-quality fitness equipment directly from Taiwan and China. They provide cost-effective and competitive prices in comparison to other health and fitness equipment providers. It has steadily grown to become one of the fastest moving companies in the fitness category.

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Features of Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike

One of the most important features of a spin bike for any spinning addict is the seat. An uncomfortable seat is too much, even for a workout that is supposed to be grueling. The seat on the model Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike SF-B901 is fully adjustable and isn’t hard as a rock.

Even more importantly, the flywheel on the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike model SF-B901 is heavy-duty, weighing in at 40 lbs. That kind of weight in a flywheel means that it can take a lot of torque. Likewise, the crank, shaft, and drive chain mechanism are all made for heavy-duty use.

Of course, the resistance on the pedals is adjustable, as well as the handlebars. It’s a heavy piece of equipment, coming in at just under 100 lbs. With that kind of weight, it’s a good thing that the bike comes with two transport wheels at the front, so you can just tilt the bike and roll it where you want. That’s a nice feature, especially if you live alone but still need to move the bike around.

Pros of Sunny health & fitness pro indoor cycling bike

Size: The first Pro for the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike is its size. Although it is strong and sturdy, it is not overly cumbersome. The bike itself does not take up a lot of space with an exact measurement of approximately 46 inches tall x 48 inches long and x 20 inches wide. Size might not be the most important consideration for everyone, but it is important if space in your home is an issue.

Strength: Secondly, this model is rated to hold up to 275 lbs. That is quite a bit of weight for a product that actually weighs less than half of that. For larger-framed spinners, this is an important consideration. When doing intensive spinning one’s weight can be jostled about back and forth. The last thing you want is to be perched upon a bike that feels like it is going to fall over. This bike can withstand the vigorous movement of a larger person going full-steam ahead with no problem at all.

Components: Overtime, it is the components of the cheapest spinning bikes that usually break down first. The components on the bike that are used for tightening the resistance are the most frequently used components on a spinner, aside from the pedal.

When turning and adjusting the knobs on the Sunny Health spinner, they feel tightly in place, but yet are manufactured well enough to turn smoothly. The components all look sturdy and they feel sturdy too. If you make a lot of adjustments when you’re spinning, this will be a noticeable plus. During an intense spinning workout turning and adjusting equipment and resistance is a constant issue and a difficult knob can throw off your rhythm. No problems here. Everything turns and adjusts smoothly.

Noise: This may or may not be an issue in your household. Some spin bikes are quite noisy. They may be designed that way to create an energetic atmosphere in a class. However, when at home that might not be what you want. This bike is quieter than other spinners, especially the ones designed for spinning classes. This is a big advantage if you have a full household and peace and quiet are an issue.

Assembly: Last but not least, how is the assembly for this model? Usually, the most irritating thing about a new bike is the assembly. Fortunately, the good folks at Sunny Health have made sure that the main structures of the bike, such as the flywheel, are already assembled when it arrives.

Also, the box comes with all the tools needed and the instructions are reasonably comprehensible. The only work that really needs to be done is adding the seat, pedals, handlebars, and the bottom support. Expect to spend about 20 minutes putting it together.

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Cons of Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike

The biggest drawback of the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike model SF-B901 spinner is the price. As was stated earlier, it is priced at the higher end of the range of bikes offered by Sunny Health. It also seems to be the best spinner offered as well. Comparing the SF-B901 model with similar offerings from other brands might make the Sunny Health spinner seem a bit pricey, but the quality of the product is what makes it stand out. So, I guess the old saying is true in this case, you do get what you pay for.

About Pricing

The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike (SF-B901) bike has a cheap price tag and Amazon offers an incredible discount rate which enables the consumers to save money. So the product being offered by Amazon is not only a very good one but also many costs effective. 


 According to this best spin bike reviews, the best spin bike is the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike (SF-B901). For the price, you pay to get a bike that is built to last has all quality components and is easy to operate.

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